FAQ: Net-zero buildings, healthy homes, and low utility bills

What is ZNE?

A ZNE (Zero Net Energy) building produces as much energy as it consumes.

How does that work?

It’s not only one thing that makes your house energy efficient. It’s important to consider all tasks beforehand in order to get the best results and keeping costs to a minimum.

Why are we the right partner?

We are pioneers in what we do. The requirements for new buildings that will be mandatory in 2020 we are already meeting and outperform today. We will make sure that you will have maximum living comfort for the lowest cost possible.

But doesn't ZNE cost more?

The initial cost of buiding for ZNE is slightly higher, this is money though that you will save within the first two years through lower energy and electric bills.

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What our clients say

They were very professional and friendly, very clean (hardly any mess at all), and got the work done on time and budget."

William E. from Murphys, CA

Tom runs a professional company that has the manpower to do the job and the attitude to make it simple and fun for everyone!"

Tommy R. from Morro Bay, CA

I highly recommend and trust Tom and his crew."

Robin O. from San Jose, CA

Tom gave our little project a lot of thought, and because of his efforts we ended up with a much better product at a very fair price."

Scott B. from Angels Camp, CA