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Remodel / Addition in Big Trees, Arnold, CA

1550 Pawnee (Big Trees) Dorrington, Calaveras County, CA

Full Remodel / Addition with Energy Efficient Upgrades with high attention to detail:

  • Gutted entire home including 1,800 square foot addition + 2 car Garage with 800 square foot covered porch
  • Fully remodeled Master suite with steam room/shower
  • Custom gourmet Kitchen
  • Two guest baths
  • Three fireplaces with natural stone
  • 1,500 square feet of driveway and parking area, including retaining walls
  • Full metal roof with copper gutters
  • Full Cedar split log exterior siding
  • Full interior pine split log pine siding
  • Natural stone fireplace masonry
  • Hand dug and reinforced entire basement under existing home to create full height storage

Energy upgrades:

  • Complete air sealing of shell
  • Conditioned walk-in crawl space
  • Open cell foam on all floor decking
  • R-19 wet applied Cellulose insulation in all exterior walls
  • R-30 Rigid foam for entire roof deck (roof insulation)
  • Fully designed and tested ventilation systems for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Fully dimmable LED and florescent lighting
  • Full performing HVAC System with duct/register design and installation (cooling designed to 1,500 square feet per Ton)